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Xali About Us – Site title

About Us

Xali was set up in 3 October 1996 to facilitate the main factory back in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Our primary business in honey was brought beyond the shores of Asia and expanded Xali’s Honey business in the export segment, most notably securing sales and establishing a presence in Europe and Middle East, Dubai and Qatar and the United States of America. All Honey farms are located in diversified locales throughout Malaysia and South Central Thailand.

With over 30 years of experience in bee farming, combined with the latest technology in researching, analyzing and processing, we are able to meet the highest standard required for exporting and to provide the best quality honey and related products to our customers around the world. Other than using the art of modern technology equipment to maintain the standard of our products, human factor is also a major area which we are looking into, especially in quality control and efficient administrative support. This will ensure our products will reach our customers on time and at the same time meeting all standard requirements.

Different from other honey manufacturers and exporters, we are sure of the quality of our products and services as our company and products have been guaranteed by the Food and Drug Administration, the Halal Committee and above of all, we have achieved the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) System, which always makes us proud that we are selling the best and healthy products to our customers.

Our Mission

With passion and resilience, Xali strives to connect and reach out to all parts of the globe. With our team of trained specialists and diligent individuals, we devote ourselves into making sure that we deliver only the best results.

Pivot Point

2019 – current

With the onset of Covid-19 we have pivoted the focus of Xali to the sourcing trading and production of PPE and in particular, Nitrile Gloves. With the Covid pandemic still raging and the infection rates not lowering or correcting itself, we have committed our time, focus and energy getting into the race to produce the necessary PPE that is being demanded globally. Malaysia is recognized as the world’s leaders in the production of Nitrile Gloves and the expertise in this industry is particularly ample in this region. As the race to control the Covid-19 pandemic inches forward, the reliance on good consistent quality and reliable supply of Nitrile Gloves becomes more relevant.